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Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 09:30am - 11:30am
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Event Name: “Inspiration in Motion” is an instructive art program for youth (ages 6-18), where participants design and illustrate a skateboard deck (no wheels, skateboard deck only). The art program is facilitated by accomplished professional artist Mark Rivard. The concept is to get participants engaged in a positive and interactive program, and to express themselves through art.

Mark Rivard inspires youth how to dream big, encourage a strong work ethic and to have an independent frame of mind through his own story that is presented. Each program begins with Rivard speaking to the students while displaying an array of his own original skateboards as examples through storytelling of each piece. Students will use the skateboard deck as a cultural tool and actual canvas to create a work of art that tells their own story with Rivard’s guidance.


The program is geared towards youth ages 6-18 years old and instructed in a manner that builds confidence and enhances resiliency. Participants learn basic art and design skills, gain confidence and understanding of personal interests, and are motivated to pursue and accomplish set goals. The instructor uses current trends to capture the attention of his students and blends it in with art.


Event Date: June 20th-21st

Event Time: 9:30-11:30am

Event will take place at the Youth Center



Day One/First Hour:

• Instruction begins with a 1/2 hour presentation of the instructor’s own story of how he became an artist

• Instructor will show an 8-minute documentary about his career and art practice

• After the presentation the instructor will discuss the technical process of creating the art


Day One/Second Hour:

• Devoted to rough draft designs on the skateboard templates

• Once each student has a design, they will receive their skateboard and begin drawing final design

• Day one concludes with students working/drawing on their skateboards


Day Two/First Hour:

• Instructor will begin with a discussion of illustration technique specifics (i.e. light source, composition, perspective, etc.)

• Full hour of drawing


Day Two/Second Hour:

• Clear coat lacquer is put on each skateboard deck

• The last 20 minutes will be a wrap up message and a group photo

Location Youth Center
Contact Call 316-759-4070