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Love kids? We need you!

We all know how valuable and vital McConnell's Child Development Center, School Age Care and other youth programs are in maintaining the mission. When our Airmen's families are cared for, they can focus on tasks at hand. At the end of the day, however, there are limitations to availability in the CDC and that's where Family Child Care comes in. That's where we need YOU. 

In an effort to incentivize families both in base housing and beyond the gates to undertake the process of becoming an FCC Provider home, a number of financial opportunities have become available to those who may be interested. You can see some of the incentives above in the graphic, but there are a number of other ways to make the most of being an FCC provider! Check out the full list below!

Many families choose Family Child Care homes because they like the family environment and the smaller number of children. Home-based programs provide a consistent caregiver for your child and may offer flexible hours if you need care in the evenings or weekends. Families with multiple children also like that siblings are cared for together rather than separated into different age groups. Family child care homes are often less expensive than center-based child care programs, but rates within your community may vary. You can learn all about FCC here

We're always looking for new FCC providers and we're working with partners to help make the process easier on you. So, even if you just have questions, don't wait and call us today! 


Initial Certification or Annual Renewal - 
Available once every 12 months
Remain a certified provider for 6 months

Certified FCC Provider Transfer Program - $1,000
Certified at old installation, certified within 90 days at new installation
Available to FCC Providers PCSing from other Services

Enroll a child from the CDC or SAC Unmet Needs Waiting List and/or who was supplanted
$200 per child
Child must remain enrolled for a minimum of 3 months

Initial Accreditation through National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) - $1,000

Reaccreditation through NAFCC - $750

Certified FCC Provider recruits new DAF Certified FCC Provider - $500
Once new Certified FCC Provider has been certified for 90 days

Non-Traditional (After Hours) Child Care Incentive
An additional $2 per hour for mission-related care (SUB, EDC, MC, RPA, and
24/7 Child Care) provided during the hours of 1800-0600

An additional $3 per hour for mission-related care (SUB, EDC, MC, RPA, and
24/7 Child Care) provided during the hours of 1800-0600 by NAFCC accredited

Certified DAF FCC Provider Household Member Incentive
Available for household members 2 weeks - 7 years of age. Not eligible once household member turns 8.
Must have at least 1 non-household member enrolled and attending full time child care or a minimum of 30 per week
Weekly timesheets must be submitted for each eligible household member
$100 per week for each household member under 2 years of age
$75 per week for each household member 2-7 years of age

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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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