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18+ Comedy Night: Bobby Henline & RJ Ryan

Get ready to be entertained and inspired by two of America's finest comedians and veterans, Bobby Henline and RJ Ryan, at the upcoming comedy show "Accidental Discharge" on July 28 at the Dole Center Ballroom. 

VIP Pre-Show starts at 6 pm; Show starts at 7 pm.

Bobby Henline, an Army 82nd Airborne veteran, has been in the comedy arena for nearly 15 years, making audiences laugh with his self-deprecating style. While on his fourth tour in Iraq, three weeks after his arrival, an IED exploded under his Humvee – April 7, 2007 is a day he will never forget. The four soldiers with him did not survive. As Henline stumbled out of the wreck, a human torch, he was extinguished by the soldier he had replaced in the Humvee. 

Bobby Henline

During his initial six-month hospital stay, Bobby remained upbeat, positive, and relied on humor to get him through each day. Putting nurses in headlocks, trying to keep other wounded soldiers' spirits up by telling them jokes, and singing a ditty over and over garnered the attention of his occupational therapist. She challenged him to go to an open mic night and try his hand at comedy, making him promise with a pinky swear. He kept his promise, and that experience started a new chapter in his life in 2010. He has been doing comedy whenever and wherever he can ever since. His unique approach to comedy, which highlights his journey and struggles with both humor and honesty, has earned him the nickname "The WellDone Comedian." 

RJ Ryan

Joining him is RJ Ryan, comedian and motivational speaker. RJ served in a Seabee Battalion in the Navy in the early 90s, deploying to the Caribbean and Okinawa. RJ got out and had a successful career and was moving on with his life when the War on Terror began. It had been eleven years since he last wore a uniform. RJ sold everything he owned and trained up for several months, then went back in, this time into the Army. RJ tries to interject his comedy into stories about leadership, values, and teamwork. His examples come from the heroes he served with and some crazy situations that he faced while in the military both in combat and stateside.

"Accidental Discharge" isn't just a comedy show - it's an opportunity to celebrate our Airmen and honor the sacrifices made by our veterans. Join us as we come together as a community to laugh and to be inspired by the stories of two comedians who have walked the walk and are now sharing their unique perspectives with us.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of laughter, camaraderie and inspiration. Join us on July 28 for "Accidental Discharge," featuring Bobby Henline and RJ Ryan!

VIP Pre-Show starts at 6 pm; Show starts at 7 pm. Tickets are free. Open to anyone with base access. 18+ only. 

Food and beverage available for purchase. For more information: 316-759-4330

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